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26 January 2013 @ 07:47 pm
New Me  
It took some soul searching, but I have found out who Madeline is. A 13 year old girl who has a heavy heart that when it falls apart my head goes to the clouds. A girl whos scared of death, but stays on the positive side of life. I don't let people tell me who to be, or tell me my lifes wrong. I know Im here for a reason. Its just a matter of time before I find out why.

I know what you're thinking. "13 years old? shes just a kid she doesint know anything" I have gone through thick and thin in life. Im only 13. That makes a person grow up faster then normal.

When I die, I will find away to come back and guide my friends, family, and love through there darkest days. Im gonna tell you guys a little secret. I have panic attacks, and Anxiety attacks. No one but 2 people know. And those 2 people arnt my parents. You see, my parents wernt the best when I was growing up, I mean not every familys perfect my mine seemed messed up. My uncle stole my brothers medication and stole my dads guitar to buy drugs. Every one I looked up to or loved has died. And since then Iv been distant from my parents and my friends. One person in perticular, I cant live with out. I told him everything and Iv gottin distant from him because of my fear of him leaving me.. death, or over a fight. I cant put my heart on the line like that anymore. All of my friends who I confided in has left me. And I had to hunt for new ones. Now in 2013, Im surrounded by lots of friends and family who love me, But, I still feel so alone in this world.

Whats you're secret? come on tell me. I will be here for you for ever and always.

                                                                                                                              you'res truly,